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My 30th Birthday

Alamo Square Inn, San Francisco

Farallon Restaurant and Bar

Devinda, Mona and Anjali

Susan and Tony

Deanna and Nancy


My Parents, Buddy, and Keli

Deanna, Cody, Danny, and Nancy

My Dad and Mom

Here are some photos from my Last Birthday (32) at Cha Cha Cha's in San Francisco

Cody and Deanna. Two of my newest friends but my two of my favorite people. There must be something in that Seattle water.

Here's another friend of mine from Seattle, Kim. This was at Deanna's 30th Birthday two weeks after my 32nd Birthday. We went Cha Cha Cha's for dinner and then to Kell's for dancing and cocktails.

Photo Chronology

here's a look back at some of my favorite photos in chronological order.

Claude (or Iggy to Anjali and Me), the Iguana in his Prime.

Mokelumne Wilderness, El Dorado National Forest

Wilderness Ranger based in the Mokelumne Wilderness

Fidge and Dave

Jerome and Murph


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