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Gigi flew in from the Dominican Republic on the 20th of December. I arranged for a car to pick her up from Glen Echo and to meet me at the airport. I arrived at Washington DC's National Airport at 7am on the 21st. We were then driven to the Hay Adam Hotel near the White House.

We had problems getting to the Hotel because President Bush was attending Church across the street from the entrance. The driver tried to find away in; but, we ended up walking a block to the hotel. We were checked into the room by around 9 am. After a few tense moments, I droped to one knee and asked Gigi, "Will you marry me?" and she replied "Yes!"

After finally getting the chance to propose to my love, all that was left for us was celebration with family and friends. Lucky for us, it was the holiday season and all of our immediate family was in town.

The Engagement Party

12/27/03 "The Engagement Party" at the Brookville Academy, Brookville, MD

Gigi with her mother (above) and with her Dad (below)

Here are some photos of the guests:

Thank you Mr. Fordham (above) and Lisa (below) for throwing us the party. We really appreciated it!

Also, thank you to Gigi's sister, Jeanne. She was so busy with prepping our party and taking care of her son, Ben (and my new nephew -to-be) that this is the only photo I can find of her from the engagement party! That's her on the right there. You can see her below at the Christmas Eve party playing with fire!

Here is Ben:

My sister, Anjali:

My Mom (above) and Dad (below)

Here is Gigi's sister, Laurie:

with one of her children, Georgia (another new "niece-to-be" for me):

Here are some more "nieces-to-be": You will get a close up view of Lettie (below, left) later in the Christmas Eve Party Photos. She is Gigi's sister Leslie's Daughter.

And here's our good friend "George Bob". Gigi's Mom's kind neighbor and friend.

Here's George Bob showing us around a "Clay Pigeon" course:

Christmas Eve

Here are some photos from Christmas Eve at Mrs. Fordham's House in Glen Echo, MD

Gigi's Mom (above) and Gigi's sister's Jeanne (with Torch) and Leslie (below).

Here's Lettie. Leslie's daughter and my old friend and new "niece-to-be", says hello as she only can. . .

Gigi's sister, Amy, shares a book with the family as Lettie looks on.

String Hoppers !?!

The now famous "String Hoppers" is one of Gigi's favorite Sri Lankan foods. At Anjali's apartment in Arlington, Virgina, we combined "Strings" with other Gigi favorites. Black Pork curry, Lime Pickle and Seeni Sambol were matched with Chicken Curry, Potato Curry, and Coconut Sambol.

"The Amish Country"

Gigi and I somehow made our way to Philadelphia during this trip. One day we drove to the countryside and Pennsylvania Dutch Country to visit the Amish to see how they live with out electricity and live off the land.

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