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Christmas 1997

Brussels Train Station. . .on my way to a surprise in London.

Surprise Party 1997

Aunty Panch and Devinda's Surprise Birthday Party. I made a surpirse appearance thanks to Gitz. This is just before all the weddings. I believe that I made a joke to Wolf below, that he needed to marry my cousin.

Gita and Wolf's Wedding 1998

So, when it came time to get married; I had to be there. First, came Gitz's wedding to Wolf. I was an usher and I had a lot of fun.

Sri Lankan Drums with a cermonial Buddhist oil lamp.

Gitz and Wolf 1998

Devinda's Wedding 1999

Next, It was Devinda's turn. . .in 1999 he married Mona.

I was lucky enough to be his Best Man.

Devinda and Mona 1999

Devinda's 30th Birthday 2001

Devinda's 30th Birthday Party with Surprise Guest, Dharshanna (below) at Uncle Sepala's House.

Christmas 2001 at Uncle Sepala's House in London

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