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Sri Lanka 1998-2000

Here are some pictures of Sri Lanka from my last two trips in 1998 and 2000.

A View from a train along the Southern Coast

A view from a Boat. This is the only way to get to this Beach Resort on an Island.

A small Island next to the Beach Resort's Island.

Sri Lankan Elephants

Baby Elephants

Some are friendly . . .

These gals are friendly. . .A Mother and daughter Python!

Uncle Ranjit on a jungle Path to Sigirya Rock Fortress. Sigirya dates to 100 BC.

Maheshi, Gitani and Uncle Ranjit (1998)

Maheshi got married in 2000 (which is why I returned). I couldn't miss that.

Gitani and I scale to the top if Sigirya Rock. Gitani is getting married in May 2003.

A view from the top of the Sigirya Rock Fortress.

Maheshi and Gitani (1998)

Aunty Nilanthi and Gitani

Uncle Ranjit ready for freedom. With one down (Dilini) and two daughters to go, he is ready. Maheshi will be the next to marry.

Maheshi, the Bride, is ready for the big day along with Gitani, the Brides Maid.

The next one up . . . Gitani's wedding is May 21, 2003 in Sri Lanka

Munasinghe Family

When I was growing up, I had some very close cousins. I really loved all of my 25 + cousins, but because of distance and age difference, I became good friends with Gitz and Devinda. Devinda is essentially my brother. We are the the onl y two sons, of the only two daughters of a family of Nine. That's right my Mom, Srimathi, had seven brothers and one sister, Aunty Panch. So, they are obviously very close.

These two photos are missing the last son. The bottom one is taken with the Prime Minister of Burma.

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